Hello, my name is Eduardo Paz.

I am an Interaction Designer & Computer Science Technologist from Los Angeles. My mission is to design emotional and meaningful experiences for everyone, digitally and in real life, to make the world a better place. To me, functionality and visual design are equal. Let me show you.
I'm an interaction designer based in Los Angeles, driven by a passion for creating engaging, user-friendly interactions between humans and technology. While my identity is deeply intertwined with both my Mexican and US cultural heritage and my queerness, it's the fusion of my experience as a technologist and my passion for design that truly defines my practice. This combination allows me to craft designs that are functional, aesthetically captivating, contemporary, and embody simplicity.

My work explores experiences across digital and physical realms. In the digital, I design intuitive interfaces like websites, mobile, and spatial apps, employing a minimalist approach. I often utilize a black and white palette for backgrounds and layouts, with strategic pops of vibrant color for buttons and interactive elements to inject energy and life, achieving a balance of sophistication and playfulness. In the physical, I focus on products that enhance everyday life, prioritizing the use of materials that are trendy, high-quality, and address specific user needs, ensuring each product is as functional as it is visually appealing. This diversity underscores my belief that good design is essential across all aspects of life.

At the heart of my practice is the desire to make technology approachable and inclusive, aiming for designs that are gender-neutral, accessible across all ages, and mindful of diverse backgrounds and the needs of people with disabilities to minimize exclusion. While I'm actively focused on today's needs, I also keep an eye on the horizon, intrigued by how emerging technologies might weave into our future lives. Engaging with speculative design offers me inspiration and challenges my thinking about the future of interaction.

My design philosophy balances aesthetics, functionality, and emotional impact, guided by an iterative process rooted in research and strong advocacy for the user. Through observation and research, I identify needs and opportunities to inform ideation and conceptualization. Frequent prototyping, user testing, and refinement are essential for achieving high-quality designs. Challenges are seen as opportunities for learning and innovation. I value collaboration with other designers, contractors, and users to enrich our collective output. I aspire to connect with those who envision a world thoughtfully designed for everyone, reinforcing the role of design as a catalyst for positive change.