Team: Eduardo Sebastian Paz, Harmony Simpson, Samantha Miranda.

Role: UX/UI Designer, Video Director/Editor, Graphic Designer, 3D Artist/Animator, Snapchat Lens Creator.

Proud ARt is a Snapchat Portal Lens that transports you to Pershing Square, where the DTLA Proud Festival is usually hosted. Through the portal, users can visualize artwork from queer artists of LA and listen to their stories, donate to the organization, purchase the artwork directly from the Snapchat app and get an exclusive preview of DTLA Proud's upcoming documentary. In addition, users can visualize the AR artwork in their homes and use the front camera to take selfies with the PROUD! filter.

Awards: 2nd Place at Snap Day In Pitch Competition for World Kindness Day 2020

421.6k views from Snapchat users.
258.1k plays from Snapchat users.
27,598 shares from Snapchat users.
3,566 times favorited by Snapchat users.
Data as of 10/20/22.
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